Your Self Miracle - Affiliate Update

Thanks to everyone for their sterling efforts in August to promote the program. All due commissions for the month will be paid in the next few days.

Two Important Announcements:


The Email Below Produced An

85% Response Rate When Tested!


The Price Will Go Up On September 10 2007!



Announcement 1


This email was sent by one of my key partners and produced an astounding 85% response rate! If you haven't sent an offer to your list yet please do it now using the copy below:


Possible Subjects:

Every Once In A While.....

I Was Punching The Air.....

You Have To Look At This.....


Every once in a while something amazing hits the Internet
that literally takes your breath away. What am I talking
about? Let me explain.

I was invited....

About a month ago I was one of a very limited number of
people who was invited to review a new success program
with a twist. It actually followed up on you until you
succeeded! A program that virtually guaranteed your
success - I was to say the least a little skeptical.

The guy that created the program was unknown to me
which made me even more skeptical, but I was
recommended to review it by a very good friend who knows
his stuff so I decided to go ahead and give it a try.


It blew me away! Not only is the program filled with easy
to apply success techniques that will transform your life
delivered in a "pull no punches" style, but the follow up
system is truly unique and will totally motivate you to
succeed. As I listened to the audios I found myself
punching the air and shouting "Yes". It was so uplifting
and just made me feel great about myself.

Totally new....

The program is called "Your Self Miracle" and has not yet
been launched to the public. You are the first to know
about this. The author, Graham Bowall, devotes his personal
time to all the program users and as a result he can only
sell a limited number of copies. He has agreed to offer
me a huge discount so that I can pass this on to my friends
but this will only last a few days.

Act now......

This powerful program is guaranteed to change your life and
is unlike anything you have heard before. Check it out now
and grab the special discount price before it's too late.

Your Link


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Announcement 2


I will be raising the price of Your Self Miracle to $147 on September 10 2007. There are hundreds of people that downloaded the free part of Your Self Miracle and didn't commit to purchasing the product. I will set a countdown timer and other tools in place in the next couple of days.


This is a great opportunity to get those who haven't purchased and new visitors to buy the program. I recommend that the following email is sent to your list on Thursday 6 September 2007 (I will remind you on the day):


Possible Subjects:

On September 10 the price goes up....please help yourself....

Name, price goes up after the weekend...

Last 3 days before price goes up...

The price goes up in 3 days!


Well he said it would happen and it is going to....

Due to the overwhelming success of Your Self Miracle,
Graham is going to put the price up of the program by
$50 on Monday 10 September 2007.

People have been grabbing their copy of this life
changing program at the introductory price at an
incredible rate and Graham has nearly reached the
maximum number of people that he can deal with for the time

Don't miss out on this last chance to supercharge your
success and have Graham help you every step of the way at
the special introductory price.

When Graham says the price will go up you can
guarantee that it will happen!


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Good luck with all your promotions. If you have any questions please send me an email graham AT Be in touch soon


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