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For Anyone Who Needs Motivation To Get Things Done!
Graham offers audio, to make it easier to absorb the information on overcoming procrastination. He also offers the PDF transcripts, if that better suits your needs. The first thing that impressed me with these audios files is that he made it so you can't get the second part of his package until you work through the first.

He has it set up that way. Does it work? Lets see......

His audios were fun to listen too, he speaks with enthusiasm and
encouragement in his tone of voice. I will be putting these audios on my ipod to listen to more than once while on the go. For anyone who needs motivation to get things done, I recommend listening to Murder Procrastination. I found them to be truly inspiring and wanting me to get busy and take more action.

If you follow his advice you will save much more than you spend on
one of the best self development courses I have seen in quite some time.

I was really tempted to put off the action step Graham asks you to do, but he left a real tempting carrot hanging to get me to take that last step. When I actually sat down and listened and took notes is when it actually sunk in for me.

I did find that I was already following one of Sledge's ideas in keeping my "get it done list" which you can find out more about in this amazing program.

Laurie Meade


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