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Your Self Miracle Session 2 Guide Notes

Here are some further suggestions for your desires:

Your Business Life

Do you want to change your career?
Do you want to be a company director?
Or a marketing guru?
Or a copyrighting guru?
Do you want to be a day trader?
Do you want to be head of your department?
What about Internet Marketing?
Or mail order?
How about a second income selling stuff on eBay?
What about being an agent or middle person?
What about a franchise?
How good is your time management?

Your Financial Life

Do you have investments?
Do you have a financial plan for your future?
Are your savings accounts earning you enough interest?
Do you have a debt consolidation plan?
Are your credit cards charging you too much interest?
Are you owed money by your tax office?
Do you have an offshore account?
Is your pension plan working hard enough for you?
Can you get a better mortgage deal?

Your Personal Life

Do you have fun at the weekends?
Why not learn Spanish?
Or Chinese?
Or French?
Or German?
Or Japanese?
Do you want to make home movies?
Or be a computer wizard?
Or create high quality graphics?
Or take a course on computer programming?
Or a course on a skill like woodworking, or metalworking or crafts?
Do you want to record a song?
Or play in a band?
Or be an actor or actress?
Or a dancer?
Can you teach others?
What about buying a new car or motorcycle?
How about speaking in public?

Your Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

Why don't you learn windsurfing?
Or learn to skateboard?
Or water skiing?
Or surfing?
Join your local gym
Or take up Pilates
Or get a home gym
What about rowing?
Have you had a full health check lately?
What about running in a 5km event?
How about martial arts?
Do you want to play darts or snooker or pool?
How about playing soccer?
Or baseball?
Or hockey?
Or tennis?
How about the Atkins diet?
Or South Beach?
Do you need supplements or vitamins?
Want to quit smoking?
Or drinking?
Or gambling?
Do you relax enough?
How about a massage?
Or a sauna?

Helping Others

Do you have a favorite charity or charities
Can you become a mentor for someone?
Or teach some kids?
Or be a sports coach for kids?
Or helping disabled people?
Can you help someone by offering them the benefit of your experience?
Are you doing enough for your parents?
Or your grandparents?
Or your brothers and / or sisters?

Your Self Miracle Session 2 Actions

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For example: I will earn $100,000 by 30 October 2007

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Desire 3:


Please enter your three emotional drivers here:

For Example: I am doing this to buy a new car for my darling wife Jenny as I love her so much and the look on her face will make me melt

If your emotional driver is the same for all three desires then just enter it into the first box

Emotional Driver 1:

Emotional Driver 2:

Emotional Driver 3:

Please enter your three first day actions here:

For Example: Calculate additional income per month required

Action 1:

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Action 3:




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