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"Who Else Wants Sizzling
Self Esteem and
Roaring Self Confidence?"

Well buckle your belt, you're about to receive the secret keys to change your life and grab all you want, now and in the future.


Sound too good to be true?  This is tried, tested and proven! 


Your Self Miracle isn't just a set of audios you listen to and toss out!
NO, NO. This is an interactive designed guide with Graham Bowall as
your personal coach keeping you on the right path throughout your journey to complete life happiness.

The secret techniques divulged in
Your Self Miracle are easy to understand, very powerful and best of all very easy to apply in
everyday life. 

Plus Graham is personally committing himself to help you achieve any and all your personal goals, dreams and wishes with his documented success secrets. 

This approach is powerful, simple to use and works like nothing else you have ever seen.......



(that don't work)


Graham's Interactive Personal Guide makes sure that you not only fully understand the powerful secrets that he reveals to you but also that you succeed step by step to reach your personal dream life.

Warning, Studies show that 95% of people will never have the life they desire and will die unfulfilled. Don't be a statistic, be a winner!


So what does all this mean for me, you ask?



High Self Confidence
Great Self Image
High Self Motivation
Inner Healing, Inner Peace
Find Yourself Goal Setting
Meeting Your Goals With Ease
Stress Gone Because You Will Be Meeting The World As A New You
Your friends and family suddenly treat you better! They start going out of their way for you. Your positive new self rubs off on them!
It is actually your own TOOLKIT to get anything in life that you want!


The list above is just some of what you can have, because you can have it ALL.

Further below, you'll read the critiques of professionals in this field who have tried and tested used
Your Self Miracle to achieve their own dreams. Some of these will give you ideas for your own self journey with Graham.



"In the past I always had a problem with starting things and not finishing them. Diets were a big problem for me as I would never stick at them.

Thanks to Sledge and Your Self Miracle I now see everything through that I start. I have lost over 30 pounds and the really good news is that I have kept the weight off which is not easy to do in your mid thirties.

And it was really easy".

Crystal Graham
Tampa Florida



And Who is this Graham Bowall?

You have probably never heard of him.  He has not been active on the internet... but people in success circles sure have. All these people come to him despite the fact that he NEVER advertises his services. It's all word of mouth. He has been sought after by companies and individuals all over the world for some years now.

Because he has MASTERMINDED the best success secrets and produced cutting edge powerful but easy to apply techniques into one of the most comprehensive success programs that guarantees the right results.
He's been guiding people with his
Self Miracle Skills since 2006 and is very proud of the success his clients have had. 

So, now he HAS come to the internet as the best means to get the word out to all who want to achieve their dreams and desires.  Therefore, this program is internet based so that he can assure follow-up to all and be able to coach along the way.

Yes, he went to the extreme time and expenses creating the most professional audio and text series which teaches his success secrets for all to learn.

Even though his time is very valuable, he wishes to personally coach anyone who is traveling through his simple life steps and needs an extra boost.  

He could have hired someone but he wants to personally see everyone through and do a complete follow-up.  He'll always be available!


Graham says:

"Most people don't have a direction in their life, they just drift along with no plan. Deciding what you want from your life and going out there and getting it is actually much simpler than you can imagine.

I am going to let you in on a powerful secret. There is one thing and one thing only that sets successful people apart from those less successful........

 Successful People Learn to Harness The Power Of Their Mind.

His Secret Success Skills take you far beyond that!


What Kind of Stuff is in There?

Everything you need to know to quickly change your life to how you want it is revealed in complete step by step
detail. Here's an overview of what's included in this comprehensive program..............


Why You Are Not Successful At The Moment. This is vital for you to understand and will propel you out of the gate first on your success journey. 
The Secrets Of Success. A simple three step formula that is guaranteed to get you the results that you want. 
How To Decide What You Want. You will receive a ton of ideas for choosing the path that you want and really kick start you success. 
How To Plan To Ensure You Get It. Here you will learn to use an immensely powerful tool that will bring ideas flowing to you for days afterwards.
How To Plan To Ensure You Get It. Here you will learn to use an immensely powerful tool that will bring ideas flowing to you for days afterwards.
How To Easily Control Your Thoughts To Achieve Your Desires. You will learn how to effortlessly control your thoughts to keep a laser focus on achieving your success. This is absolutely crucial! 
The Opposing Forces Within You And How To Ensure The Right One Wins Every Time. You will learn about the two sides of you and how to make sure the right side wins every time!
The Awesome Power Of Emotional Drivers. You will learn that just setting goals or desires is never enough. You have to apply emotional drivers to really set your butt on fire! This is absolutely KEY and not found in other success programs 
The Power To Solve Any Problem With Ease. Everybody has problems in their lives but with this secret you can come up with solutions almost instantly.
How To Conquer All Your Fears In A Heartbeat. You will learn a technique to cure all your fears that is so simple but devastatingly effective.
How To Squeeze More Time From Your Life. Don't have enough time in your life to make your dreams happen? Forget that! With this simple technique you will be able to achieve your dreams and have time for everybody and everything else that's important in your life! 
How To Build Your Iron Resolve So You Can Do Anything. Do you have a problem with procrastination? Hey stupid question, the whole world has this problem right? Not if they have an iron resolve - and you'll learn how to get one super fast!
Why The Law Of Inertia Is So Important And How You Can Use It. This law prevents most people from succeeding, but here you will learn how to make this law work for you instead of against you to turbo charge your success.
Two Simple Things That Will Bring So Much Joy And Happiness To You. If you are happy about your life success will be so much easier for you. Learn the simple secrets of true happiness. 
How To Turn Yourself Into A Power House Of Confidence - Instantly. When you have confidence you can do anything!  Learn how you can switch this confidence on immediately.
A Magical Daily Ritual To Accelerate Your Success. Here you will learn how to make all this happen at supersonic speed by just doing a few devastatingly simple things every day. 
And a ton more. How to avoid negativity to keep your energy levels at full tilt... how to "eliminate ingrained beliefs" that are limiting you... how to use the amazing power of your sub conscious mind to do literally anything.. how to keep going even if it seems that the odds are stacked against you.... and way too much more to explain here.


The important point is this: there is now an easy to use program with a powerful follow up system that you can use to achieve the success that you really deserve. Your Self Miracle gives you the proven, practical tools you
need to take your life to another level.

These tools and techniques have helped people from all walks of life decide on their life strategy and achieve their desires. From dishwashers to executives and from taxi drivers to stock brokers, these techniques work for you regardless will work for you regardless of your current situation.


How exactly does this program work?

What am I getting into?



Ok, it's so simple, you just listen - apply - succeed!  

But, I'll break it down for you.

1) First, you'll receive the entire program in the form of both audios and texts format so you can decide for yourself which you prefer.  The audios are entertaining and easy to listen to.  I believe you'll chose those.

2) Secondly, you will follow each lesson with a simple task to assure Graham that you understand what you've learned.

He will then give you access to the next lesson.  The lessons are
simple and Graham has included many examples for you to follow.


YEP, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!  You can't jump around! These are very serious powerful success secrets and you must take them in steps to experience the incredible life altering effects.  You follow the program at your own rate and pace from start to finish in the right order.  This is part of Grahams Incredible Success! 

You'll kiss the earth when the NEW YOU rises up and takes over! So following these steps really aren't hard - in fact they're very

3)  Graham will always be available for questions, help with a lesson or just brainstorming if you need him.  That's what makes this program to valuable is Graham's dedication to helping you!  You are getting Master Help when you need it!



"I thoroughly enjoyed Your Self Miracle and got a lot out of it. I thought your program was excellent. It is very well put together and has a very easy to follow format. 

The information you use covers the crucial elements for someone to apply on a daily basis and it will make a big difference to their success. I found the simple, easy to apply short steps much better than other programs I have used before.  

The follow up system is a great idea and made me follow through and complete the program. So many self development products overload people with information and exercises and as a result none of it gets done. 

I applied your question method in session three to a goal of mine and immediately came up with nearly 2 pages of A4 as suggestions to explore! I have also got some action steps in place to move it forward."


Amanda Goldston



So What's the Guarantee?

YES understand Graham's Personal Iron Clad Guarantee! If for any reason you purchase Your Miracle Self and find it does not meet the standards stated in this letter, or doesn't meet your own personal needs, You may have your full money back even if you've listened to the audios and read the book!  You have 60 days to obtain a "no questions asked" refund.

That sounds good, what else is there?

Well, in addition to Your Self Miracle,  Graham is also providing you two other bonuses that compliment his program and will come with your program when you purchase it.  
The first is: "Murder Procrastination"

Do you procrastinate? Off course you do! From the same stable as Your Self Miracle and another best seller it is the complete audio program on understanding and overcoming your procrastination for good!

The second is: "How To Exploit Your Brain's Unlimited Power"

This is an Incredible book. Inside you will learn how to super boost your Brain Power, Optimize your IQ, and Enhance Your Mental Abilities to the Full. Contains vital information about the brain and the exact procedure to improve it. This is all you need to turn your brain into something more powerful than today's fastest machines!

Now if you are ready to purchase the program this instant without further ad0, please place your safe & secure order with the link right here below.  


If you choose to learn more, feel free to continue reading to make a final decision.

The cost is only $97.00. You're not only getting Your Self Miracle (priceless), but one-on-one assistance from Graham.  Add his continued follow-up to ensure results.  And the two books he recommends are worth nearly $94 together, so you can't complain about any price here!  It just can't get any better than that!

There are honest, true stories of professionals in this field and also ordinary people who posted notes to Graham about his creation of Your Self Miracle and what they thought about it.  Read some of these to help yourself make a smart final decision about this awesome program. Every one of these is true, honest and genuine. The only thing changed is their handwriting into type for this page.

Lets start with Michael Lee who  is one of Asia's finest self development speakers and writers with a massive following. Here's Michael's make on the techniques in Your Self Miracle:



"Your Self Miracle is impressive! I have gone through tons of self-improvement books and audios, and Sledge's product ranks among the best of the best.

I believe anyone who applies the teachings will experience massive positive transformations in every aspect of their lives. This is super mind power at its finest! "

Michael Lee


Nicholas Ho was a student who had a strong interest in what made people successful and was studying several other self development programs. He bought Your Self Miracle and had this to say:



"Your Self miracle" is about YOU, yourself making things unbelievable ( miracle ) happen in your life.

Graham's Your Self Miracle truly inspired me from ordinary to extraordinary. One significant thing is that he included his own experience in handling events that happened in his life, which truly made me learn faster, and have a more comfortable learning experience using his program.

This is not a normal self improvement program. It is fun learning. He is very straight forward with his ideas, which made me raise questions to myself in my path to power and greatness.

I especially love the way Graham guided me, step by step, little by little and yet quickly to attain unbelievable achievement. He ensures that you must finish the audio that you are currently listening to before proceeding to the next level, which shows his passion in guiding people in their pathway to greatness.

Great Job Graham.

Nicholas Ho


Amy Twain is a self improvement coach and successful author of the excellent "Fabulous Self Esteem" which has helped countless people raise the self esteem. She heard about Your Self Miracle from a business colleague, tried it and wrote this about it:




"I found Your Self Miracle not like any self improvement programs out there, in such a way that it's got a unique style that utilizes a follow up system. Doing this ensures the user that after understanding the secrets revealed in this Program, it also makes me follow through on whatever I've learned and incorporate it into my life.

Being a self improvement coach, this book was really useful to me in boosting more ideas when it comes to the secrets of success. And the best part about Your Self Miracle? It was written in very simply and easy-to-understand language specially intended for ordinary mortals who never had a degree in psychology.

This Program tackles and fixes some of the most usual reasons (and excuses) as to why we easily give up on the things we always wanted to have or achieve in the first place.

I recommend Your Self Miracle to all those who want to succeed and make their dreams come true.

Great job, Sledge!"

Amy Twain



Buz McGuire is an online publisher who had been quite successful in the past but was looking for a way to supercharge his success:




"Do you want to access your higher self at will and learn to live your miracle life?" 

In his new amazing audio series, Your Self Miracle, Graham 'Sledge' Bowall offers information, inspiration, and a great system that literally guarantees your success. 

I found myself mesmerized by Graham's friendly but forceful delivery, and I'm already looking forward to using this program again and again to supercharge my success."


Buz McGuire



Michael Varada is a successful computer programmer and entrepreneur who rarely has time to use a program like this. After hearing about the unique way in which the program worked he quickly grabbed a copy and had this to say about it:




"Your Self Miracle is very impressive both in presentation and content. Graham is very entertaining, well organized and straight forward with his practical ideas and techniques for achieving your desires, dreams and goals.

This program is packed with ideas that make you stop and think about how you can apply them to your own life. I especially like the 'key question' technique which works with your subconscious to focus on solutions. Very simple yet very powerful. I have also started using the 'imaginary boss' technique which I find to be particularly useful since I am my own boss. It has been a very important tool for helping me stay on track and complete the projects I need to accomplish.

Since I am in the business of helping people achieve their own success, I am very critical of self improvement products. I find the positive messages and principles Graham teaches in Your Self Miracle to be very valuable while traveling down the road to achieving your dreams."

Michael Varada



Caroline Lewis is a self employed computer programmer who was struggling to find long term high paying contracts that her skill level deserved. She was very low on confidence and was considering quitting her line of work as finding new, high paying customers was too difficult:



"I have tried other self improvement programs but they have always failed to deliver in some areas. Your Self Miracle is the complete self development package that works!

After only a few days of applying the simple concepts I noticed I had more energy and truly looked forward to the day ahead. I have since negotiated many lucrative contracts that I know I wouldn't have done without the program.

If you are truly serious about being successful, then this program is definitely for you."

Caroline Lewis
Houston Texas



Tom Hethrington was one of the first people to use the program. Before this he was stuck in a dead end job and just existing. He tried the program because he was so frustrated with the lack of progress that he had made with other self help materials he had purchased:




"Sledge is a crazy man but the tools he provides in Your Self Miracle are just so easy to use and really effective.

Since using the program my confidence has soared and I have now given up my incredibly dull day job and branched out successfully on my own.

Thank you so much Sledge!"

Tom Hethrington
London UK



Pat Hicks is another professional in the field of self esteem and confidence.  He wrote back with his opinion of Your Miracle Self and included his Web Address:





"I just wanted you to know I was pumping my fist and screaming "YES!" as I was listening to Your Self Miracle. You are absolutely right on with this message, your presentation and approach. You should be very proud because this is life changing stuff. Your Self Miracle is going to positively impact a lot of lives.

It has everything in place to take you from wherever you are at the moment, to the highest achievement you can envision. And more. Great job. "

Pat Hicks



OK, let me Congratulate you for making it to this part of the page!  This means you are very serious about making changes in your life!  GO GO GO!!

You're in the right place to find The Secret To Living The Life That You Want......

And it's far easier than you think.  You just need the right keys to unlock all the doors!

Go ahead and try Your Self Miracle in it's entirety without risking anything. You are personally guaranteed that -- within the next two months -- you will be delighted with this information... or Graham will promptly refund every dime of your money!

Take the steps toward happiness with Graham NOW - TODAY!

Use the safe/secure ordering link placed here and you'll be able to contact Graham even tomorrow!  GO AHEAD!  Not a thing to loose!  Click the Link NOW!




"Whether you're new to personal development or have been using success principles for years, "Your Self Miracle" is a must have. It's jam packed with crucial core principles anyone can implement to become more successful in their life, delivered in entertaining chunks of information.

And, Graham has a built-in support system to ensure yoursuccess. First rate."

Jim Donovan, author of the international best-seller, "This is Your Life, Not a Dress Rehearsal"


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