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Murder Procrastination Session 1 Review Summary

Procrastination is not born it is a habit that you learnt and it can be broken


The best way to overcome procrastination is to understand the causes and fix them


Procrastination can be very bad for your health, wealth and overall happiness


When we procrastinate we make excuses to ourselves


You need to be honest with yourself and admit that you procrastinate


People will usually do things that are fun and interesting and put off things that are difficult and boring


Procrastination is caused by the emotions we feel when we think about doing something


The most common causes of procrastination are fear, low self esteem, perfectionism, underestimating the time you have to do something, indecision, distractions and letting the past rule your future.


The reason that YOU procrastinate over a task will be different to why someone else does


You really need to know yourself and your habits to really overcome procrastination in the long term.



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