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Murder Procrastination Session 2 Review Summary

You need a big why or emotional driver to push you through procrastination


Change your mindset to “I want to”, “I will do” or “I choose to” instead of “I must or have to”


Develop a “growing” belief. Challenge yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone


Add a strong dose of enthusiasm to everything you do. This will rub off on others too


Believe that time is a precious commodity and that you cannot waste it


Use the law of inertia to break procrastination habits and strengthen action habits


Develop your iron resolve traits; start, prioritize, focus, persistence, review and organization


Neutralize negative procrastination thoughts with positive action thoughts


Break big tasks down into manageable chunks to stop feelings of overwhelm


Stop being a perfectionist, it’s OK to make mistakes you can correct them later


If a task is uninteresting then use thought control to make it fun


Get clarity on all your tasks


Set up a reward system for completing or spending time on tasks


Assign deadlines to all tasks and schedule things


Practice making decisions quickly


Learn to say no to people


Always have a daily plan and include doing something physical and learning something new


Keep a written notebook of all you actions and progress


If disaster strikes develop a mini plan to recover from it


And finally get an imaginary boss.

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What are the ideal beliefs to adopt to overcome procrastination?

Write an emotional driver that will supercharge your motivation and prevent you from procrastinating

What are the six traits of your iron resolve?

You receive a fear thought when approaching a task you don't know how to tackle. What thought will you neutralize this with?

What is the best way to tackle a rally big task?

What is the best way to overcome feelings of perfectionism?

What kinds of rewards can you give yourself to overcome your procrastination and make a start?

Why is it important to have daily tasks?

If disasters occur in your life and you lose a day or more how can you keep your enthusiasm for your tasks alive?

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