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You Can Download Your Self Miracle Part Three
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Your Self Miracle Session 3 Review Summary

  • Evaluate your desires against your time available and reduce them down if necessary always including your top desire. Remember things can be achieved in parallel. 

  • Use the key question technique for ideas for each of your final set of desires

  • Decide on whether you will share your desires with others Ė my advice is donít!

  • Make your plans and break them down to daily actions

  • Create an imaginary boss who will flame you for failing and put you on a pedestal for achieving

  • Always congratulate yourself for achieving

Your Self Miracle Session 3 Actions


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As requested, please enter your plans for your desires here
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For example:

Research competitive products and make mine better

Create the blueprint

Brain dump all the techniques and stories into one place.

Write the transcripts

Plan 1:

Plan 2:

Plan 3:

Please enter your first daily tasks here (at least one set of tasks please):

For Example:

Find top 5 competing products

Examine their program structure

Create initial skeleton blueprint for your self miracle

Tasks 1:

Tasks 2:

Tasks 3:



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