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You Can Download Your Self Miracle Part Four
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Your Self Miracle Session 4 Review Summary

  • Everything you do is a result of your thoughts 

  • Your sub conscious has been programmed over many years and will try to protect you. You can easily reprogram it by neutralizing negative thoughts

  • Focus on the solution not the problem Ė use the key question technique to come up with answers and act on them

  • Donít let your sub conscious fool you into believing that because something happened to you in the past it will happen to you again

Your Self Miracle Session 4 Actions


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As requested, please enter positive thoughts to neutralize the negative ones below:

For example:
You will never be successful
Positive thought "I will be very successful"

Negative thought 1 "I can't do it"

Your thought:

Negative thought 2 "I can't help it"

Your thought:

Negative thought 3 "It was meant to be"

Your thought:

Negative thought 4 "I will do it tomorrow"

Your thought:

Negative thought 5 "My Parents were not successful so I won't be"

Your thought:


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