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The audio recordings are entertaining  and very easy to
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The success secrets are so
"easy to understand" and
"simple to apply"



I give you tons of practical
examples of how the secrets
were applied by me and others



The unique follow up system
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I Was Pumping My Fist And Screaming "YES"!

"I just wanted you to know I was pumping my fist and screaming "YES!" as I was listening to Your Self Miracle. You are absolutely right on with this message, your presentation and approach. You should be very proud because this is life changing stuff. Your Self Miracle is going to positively impact a lot of lives.

It has everything in place to take you from wherever you are at the moment, to the highest achievement you can envision. And more. Great job. "

Pat Hicks

From: The Desk Of Graham Bowall (aka "Sledge"):

Hey there,

Firstly, I want to congratulate you for visiting this page. You are here because you want to improve your life and you are certainly in the minority because you are actually doing something about it.

If you ever wanted to "crack the code" on the secret skills that enable ordinary people to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.....and do it fast, then this will be the most exciting thing you have EVER read!

Here's what it's all about:

verybody wants to improve their life, usually more money, more status and more power. Most people are aware that they have this within themselves and it takes just three things to be successful -- (1) an unshakeable desire...(2) laser sharp focus... and most importantly (3) mastering the control of your mind.

Some people believe that they can buy their way to success. You've probably seen 'em. They spend thousands of dollars on high priced success programs or seminars and they never succeed. Shameful.

Other people work so hard and study everything they can on the subject but still cannot master the techniques and eventually they quit and go back to the humdrum.

Well guess what? Successful people are keeping a few success secrets from all of you. Sure, now and again they will reveal a tip or two about the success path but it's never the full picture.

But here's something all of the success gurus don't want you to know: When you finally learn the REAL secrets of applying simple proven success techniques  to your daily life...

You Can Win The Success Game
Sitting At Home In Your Underwear!

Best of all...

It's EASY...
Once You Know The Inside Short Cut Secrets!

Super Mind Power At Its Finest!
Your Self Miracle is impressive! I have gone through tons of
self-improvement books and audios, and Sledge's product ranks among the best of the best.

I believe anyone who applies the teachings will experience massive positive transformations in every aspect of their lives. This is super mind power at its finest!

Michael Lee

Here's what I've got for you:

You have probably never heard of me... but people in success circles sure have. I have been sought after by companies and individuals all over the world for some years now. I have helped many people and others beg me for personalized instruction.

All these people come to me despite the fact that I NEVER advertise my services. It's all word of mouth. One person whispering to another.

Why do all these people seek me out? It's simple. Because I have MASTERMINDED the best success secrets and produced cutting edge powerful but easy to apply techniques into one of the most comprehensive success programs that guarantee the right result.

That's a bit of a mouthful right? Here's what it means:


Back in the 1980's when everyone in corporate life was in fear of their jobs because of the recession I refused to accept this and found ways to leap the corporate ladder at lightning speed!


I have helped companies reverse downward trends in fiercely competitive markets when others were setting up shop

bullet I have multiple streams of income from the Internet which are all on auto pilot ensuring that I never have to work again
bullet Recently I have looked to the global market for my latest projects, and I am now based in China setting up and running multi-million dollar companies here which are all doing very well.

And yet.... I am still a mystery man to most people. The reason: I like it that way! I'm not a fame seeker, and I prefer that all my dealings remain as secret as possible. But despite this I still get many many requests for my help.

Am I telling you all this to brag? Absolutely not! You see like many others I learned some of the success secrets over the years and was able to apply them reasonably well. But my success really went into OVERDRIVE after I met a man I befriended a couple of years ago.

He taught me the crucial few, simple to apply success secrets that I had been missing and everything went skyward from there! He also added one other VITAL ingredient:


His support to me!

He gave me just enough of his limited time to put me right if I went wrong (and boy did I go wrong!), and more importantly put his size 9 boot fiercely up my butt if I looked like I was jeopardizing my dreams. Now I gotta tell ya that at times this was very unpleasant, but when I look back I am so grateful for this battering. The really interesting thing was that I had very little personal contact with him, either in person or on the phone. He used to beat me up using email!

The few people that know about this stuff really, really, really want these success secrets to stay secret.

But I say "to heck with that". I believe it is time to share what I know with everyone that has the cojones to use this knowledge.

Now don't be intimidated by this. The bottom line is that you can learn these success secrets and techniques instantly....

bullet No matter how many times you have tried and failed in the past
bullet No matter what your current skill level is (in fact it's sometimes better if you are a raw rookie beginner, because you won't have to un-learn any of your bad habits)
bullet And no matter what your current circumstances are

You Can Try It Now.......Risk-Free!

Here's the deal: I have spent over six months documenting these secrets and relating real life applications of how I used them effectively into one of the most power packed success programs available. I decided that I would make it really easy for you by spending a lot of time and money producing professionally recorded MP3 audios for you to listen to and absorb this super powered information. It's the ONLY way to learn fast. Other paper based success programs don't work for people because they don't want to wade through hundreds of pages!

Well we ended up recording many hours of material and then went into the editing studio and spent a lot of time editing this down into nine killer MP3's.

Not only that, but at another huge time and money cost I have developed a follow up system that is VITAL to your success and totally unique for success programs.

But it didn't stop there. I wanted to be sure that this product was as perfect as I could make it. So we tested the product on a number of people and tweaked it with their critical feedback.

What I reveal in these audios will make you feel great about yourself and instantly create a burning desire for your success.

This means you'll suddenly have more confidence.... have more energy and most importantly believe that you can do anything.


Here's a taste of what you will learn:

Why You Are Not Successful At The Moment.
This is vital for you to understand and will propel you out of the gate first on your success journey.

The Secrets Of Success.
A simple three step formula that is guaranteed to get you the results that you want.

How To Decide What You Want.
You will receive a ton of ideas for choosing the path that you want and really kick start your success.

How To Plan To Ensure You Get It.
Here you will learn to use an immensely powerful tool that will bring ideas flowing to you for days afterwards.

How To Easily Control Your Thoughts To Achieve Your Desires.
You will learn how to effortlessly control your thoughts to keep a laser focus on achieving your success. This is absolutely crucial!

The Opposing Forces Within You And How To Ensure The Right One Wins Every Time.
You will learn about the two sides of you and how to make sure the right side wins every time!

The Awesome Power Of Emotional Drivers.
You will learn that just setting goals or desires is never enough. You have to apply emotional drivers to really set your butt on fire! This is absolutely KEY and not found in other success programs

The Power To Solve Any Problem With Ease.
Everybody has problems in their lives but with this secret you can come up with solutions almost instantly.

How To Conquer All Your Fears In A Heartbeat.
You will learn a technique to cure all your fears that is so simple but devastatingly effective.

How To Squeeze More Time From Your Life.
Don't have enough time in your life to make your dreams happen? Forget that! With this simple technique you will be able to achieve your dreams and have time for everybody and everything else that's important in your life!

How To Build Your Iron Resolve So You Can Do Anything.
Do you have a problem with procrastination? Hey stupid question, the whole world has this problem right? Not if they have an iron resolve - and you'll learn how to get one super fast!

Why The Law Of Inertia Is So Important And How You Can Use It.
This law prevents most people from succeeding, but here you will learn how to make this law work for you instead of against you to turbo charge your success.

Two Simple Things That Will Bring So Much Joy And Happiness To You.
If you are happy about your life success will be so much easier for you. Learn the simple secrets of true happiness.

How To Turn You Into A Power House Of Confidence - Instantly.
When you have confidence you can do anything! Learn how you can switch this confidence on immediately.

A Magical Daily Ritual To Accelerate Your Success.
Here you will learn how to make all this happen at supersonic speed by just doing a few devastatingly simple things every day.

And a ton more. How to avoid negativity to keep your energy levels at full tilt... how to "eliminate ingrained beliefs" that are limiting you... how to use the amazing power of your sub conscious mind to do literally anything.. how to keep going even if it seems that the odds are stacked against you.... and way too much more to explain here.

His Teachings Have Changed My Life!
Totally by chance, I was extremely fortunate to meet Graham. He is an entertaining, dynamic, and honest speaker, and his teachings have changed my life.

As an upbeat and positive person, his Your Self Miracle audios have given me a new insight on his teaching method. Your not left alone, he takes you by the hand, and helps you every step of the way.

His material is practical, easily learned, and although deceptively simple, it is extremely powerful. His teaching through his program is a great value, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in increasing his or her quality of life.

Beatrice Brown

You already know that being truly successful in life is difficult.....

Well... here, finally, are the true success secrets to deciding what you want, planning how to do it and most importantly doing it! With the success secrets you will learn in Your Self Miracle you will be able to achieve anything that you want with a new found energy and passion that you won't believe! It's the key to success.

Want to listen to on of the most incredible success programs for yourself? You can... totally risk free.


Here's what I want to offer you:

Your Self Miracle has taken months of research and testing and of course all the other huge expenses in professionally recording it. Also, I am personally committed to everyone that invests in Your Self Miracle so I will monitor your progress and be there to answer any questions that you have every step of the way!

Now I value my time highly (and so should you), so when I reach capacity with Your Self Miracle I will charge around $497 for it.

But if you are willing to move on this NOW and change your life forever I will give you immediate access to the king of success programs, Your Self Miracle, and its awesome power at a steep bargain price.

So here's the deal: If you agree to be one of the first in line to receive this amazing program, you can download YOUR SELF MIRACLE right now, for only $497 $297 $197 $97! This includes all nine of the AUDIOS, the PDF TRANSCRIPTS and access to the incredible FOLLOW UP SYSTEM to ensure your success!


Not only that but for the next 500 350 220 110 People Who 0rder I will give you some incredible bonuses:

Mega Bonus One "Your Self Miracle - The Book"

Already a best seller the book contains even more examples of how to apply the success secrets and contains extra material that was cut out of the audio recordings to keep the size of them down. It is currently selling very well for $27 here.

Mega Bonus Two "Murder Procrastination"

Do you procrastinate? Off course you do! From the same stable as Your Self Miracle and another best seller it is the complete audio program on understanding and overcoming your procrastination for good! This is selling off the page at $47 which you can see here.

Mega Bonus Three "How To Exploit Your Brain's Unlimited Power"

This is an Incredible book. Inside you will learn how to super boost your Brain Power, Optimize your IQ, and Enhance Your Mental Abilities to the Full. Contains vital information about the brain and the exact procedure to improve it. This is all you need to turn your brain into something more powerful than today's fastest machines! The retail value of this book is $47.

Total Value Of Bonuses $121!

Now Unless you missed it, these great bonuses are actually worth more than the price I am asking you to pay for Your Self Miracle! Have I completely lost it? Probably. Now let me stress these bonuses are only available to the first 100 customers. So let's recap - not only are you saving $hundreds on your life changing program -Your Self Miracle - but I'm giving you $121 value in FREE bonuses.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so overly confident that you are going to be absolutely thrilled with Your Self Miracle, I'm going to reverse all the risk.

That's why I'm offering to let you try the program and then decide, give it a 60 day 'test-drive'. Go ahead and try Your Self Miracle in it's entirety (that's over 177 minutes of power-packed audio) without risking anything. I personally guarantee that -- within the next two months -- you will be delighted with this information... or I'll promptly refund every dime of your money! Even if you decide to return it just before the last day. No explanation is necessary. This is a zero-risk trial offer and you are under absolutely no obligation to keep the program if you're not 100% satisfied.


Why You Need To Order Your Self Miracle Right Now:
bullet It Will Change Your Life Forever
bullet It Has Helped So Many People Already
bullet The Techniques Are So Easy To Understand And Apply
bullet You Have A Risk Free Guarantee
bullet The Price Is Going Up Very Soon!


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A Great System That Literally Guarantees Your Success!

"Do you want to access your higher self at will and learn to live your miracle life?" 

In his new amazing audio series, Your Self Miracle, Graham 'Sledge' Bowall offers information, inspiration, and a great system that literally guarantees your success. 

I found myself mesmerized by Graham's friendly but forceful delivery, and I'm already looking forward to using this program again and again to supercharge my success."


Buz McGuire


P.S. What are you doing down here? Success programs that really work are rarer than rocking horse guano! This incredible offer is only available for a  very short time frame. I have been overwhelmed at the response so far so don't miss out and save hundreds of dollars now! Click Here To Order

P.P.S. Here are a couple of testimonials from people who took part in the initial test of Your Self Miracle:


My Confidence Has Soared!
Sledge is a crazy man but the tools he provides in Your Self Miracle are just so easy to use but really effective.

Since using the program my confidence has soared and I have now given up my incredibly dull day job and branched out on my own.

Thank you so much Sledge!

T Hethrington UK

I Had More Energy!
I have tried other self improvement programs but they have always failed to deliver in some areas. Your Self Miracle is the complete self development package that works!

After only a few days of applying the simple concepts I noticed I had more energy and truly looked forward to the day ahead. I have since negotiated man lucrative contracts that I know I wouldn't have done without the program.

If you are truly serious about being successful, then this program is definitely for you.

C Lewis US


And from recent users of Your Self Miracle:

Immediately Came Up With Suggestions!

I thoroughly enjoyed Your Self Miracle and got a lot out of it. I thought your program was excellent. It is very well put together and has a very easy to follow format. 

The information you use covers the crucial elements for someone to apply on a daily basis and it will make a big difference to their success. I found the simple, easy to apply short steps much better than other programs I have used before.  

The follow up system is a great idea and made me follow through and complete the program. So many self development products overload people with information and exercises and as a result none of it gets done. 

I applied your question method in session three to a goal of mine and immediately came up with nearly 2 pages of A4 as suggestions to explore! I have also got some action steps in place to move it forward.


Amanda Goldston


Your Self Miracle Is A Must Have!
Whether you're new to personal development or have been using success principles for years, "Your Self Miracle" is a must have. It's jam packed with crucial core principles anyone can implement to become more successful in their life, delivered in entertaining chunks of information.

And, Graham has a built-in support system to ensure your
success. First rate."

Jim Donovan, author of the international best-seller,
"This is Your Life, Not a Dress Rehearsal"

Very Simple Yet Very Powerful!
Your Self Miracle is very impressive both in presentation and content. Graham is very entertaining, well organized and straight forward with his practical ideas and techniques for achieving your desires, dreams and goals.

This program is packed with ideas that make you stop and think about how you can apply them to your own life. I especially like the 'key question' technique which works with your subconscious to focus on solutions. Very simple yet very powerful. I have also started using the 'imaginary boss' technique which I find to be particularly useful since I am my own boss. It has been a very important tool for helping me stay on track and complete the projects I need to accomplish.

Since I am in the business of helping people achieve their own success, I am very critical of self improvement products. I find the positive messages and principles Graham teaches in Your Self Miracle to be very valuable while traveling down the road to "achieving your dreams."

Michael Varada


Graham Guided Me Step By Step!
"Your Self miracle" is about YOU, yourself making things unbelievable ( miracle ) happen in your life.

Graham's Your Self Miracle truly can inspire me from ordinary to extraordinary. One significant thing is that he included his own experience in handling events that happened in his life, which truly made myself learn faster, and more comfortable learning under his program.

This is not a normal self improvement program. It is a fun learning. He is very straight forward with his ideas, which made me raise questions to myself in my path to power and greatness.

I especially love the way Graham guided me, step by step, little by little and yet fast way to achieve unbelievable achievement. He ensures you that you must finish his audios program before proceeding to the next level, which shows his passion in guiding people in their pathway to greatness.

Great Job Graham.

Nicholas Ho



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