New Self Help Audio Program Virtually Guarantees Your Success


With a plethora of self improvement books and audios designed to program you for success in the market today, a unique program has arisen that virtually guarantees your success. It is well know that most success programs and books have one failing – the person using them! While the information given to achieve success in other programs is in many cases excellent, it is totally down to the user to follow through on the advice given. And that’s where the problem lies. Most people who purchase these products just don’t take action. This is about to change.


A new self help audio program called “Your Self Miracle” has recently launched. It’s a total success program consisting of nine MP3 audios covering success techniques such as:


Understanding why you are not successful now

Setting emotionally driven goals so that you achieve them

How to create a plan for your success in minutes

Easily control your thoughts for success

Controlling the opposing forces within you for success  

Creating an iron resolve to drive your success

A daily ritual to accelerate your success


Your Self Miracle is unique because it has a built in follow up system that monitors your success. The program uses a proven proof of learning technique that monitors the user’s progress from start to finish. Each success audio has a series of actions that must be completed, using the web based system included, before the user can progress to the next success audio. If the user is slow in progressing, the system will prompt them with a series of emails. Most users don’t receive the prompts; just the threat of receiving them and the desire to get the next success audio is enough.


Users also receive direct help and feedback if necessary to motivate them to follow the program through and achieve success. Your Self Miracle contains simple to understand and apply success techniques that are very powerful. Delivered with a “pull no punches” style it is both entertaining and enlightening. Since its launch, Your Self Miracle has received great reviews.